Buy Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners Online

Buy Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners Online

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner that suits you, your home and your budget can be a tedious task. All vacuum cleaners pull up dirt and debris through suction. But there are so many styles and models on the market that makes choosing the best one for your cleaning requirements is some what difficult without a lot of research.

Vacuum cleaners vary in price according to technology, size, accessories, features and suction strengths. Weight and style may also come into it. Lightweight vacuum cleanersmay be a practical option.

Many of the lightweight vacuum cleaners are in the form of a canister. It’s a central unit which includes motor and collection bag. These may be carried or have wheels attached for maneuverability. These types of vacuum cleaners can clean crevices, curtains, furniture, a variety of floors and ceilings. Some have a motorized head for added power and suction. Other lightweight vacuum cleaners are upright, reducing the need to bend down while vacuuming.

The following are a few of the top recommended lightweight vacuum cleaners to consider:

Eureka 409B The Boss Superlite Widetrack Vacuum

The Eureka 409B is ultra light in weight and compact weighing only 8 pounds. A fine balance between normal heavy upright vacuum cleaners and a hand held version. The light weight and maneuverability make this vacuum easy for kids to use. Shark Rocket Duo Clean Reviews The powerful head has an impressive amount of suction and the twin motor system powers the rotation brush to move through plush pile carpets for deeper cleaning. With a flick of a switch you can turn off the motor to vacuum hard floors.

The Eureka 409B has a 3 Amp motor and measures 12 x 6 27-1.3 inches. The telescopic handle is durable and strong for just about any job and can be extended for cleaning or folded down for compact storage. The catchment cup is easy to empty and is transparent to indicate when it’s full. The 12 inch widetrack head out performs many of its Superlite competitors. The Eureka 409B also has a 20 inch long power cord for powerful cleaning and convenience. It is also covered by a one year warranty.

…I have a 15 month old, a 2 1/2 year old, and two messy dogs, plus one husband. I LOVE THIS VACUUM! It’s small, light, and sucks the heck out of dog hair and crumbs… I have all hardwood floors and vacuum almost everyday. Highly recommend!

Annemarie Karnbach

The Eureka Superlite Widetrack vacuum is a fantastic little vacuum cleaner. Requiring no vacuum cleaner bags, the dirt and debris that it collects is stored in a plastic bin that is easily removable … With the telescoping handle that is released by a small pushbutton on the back, the Eureka Superlite Widetrack can be easily stored in a closet while taking up very little space. The power switch allows you to just use the vacuum motor alone or in combination with a rotating beater-bar brush at the bottom. The rotating brush comes in very handy for cleaning carpets, … If I just want to do a quick vacuuming, the Eureka Superlite Widetrack is ideal … if you live in a small apartment or condo and don’t have much storage space, the Eureka Superlite Widetrack you can still use it as your primary vacuum cleaner. Overall, for ease of use, compact size and great cleaning ability, I rate the Eureka Superlite Widetrack vacuum cleaner with a resounding 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it to everyone.

Eureka 437AZ Optima Lightweight Upright Vacuum

The Eureka Optima combines the versatility of an upright vacuum cleaner that’s extremely light in weight. It features and exclusive power paw with Riser Visor to clean stairs and furniture. The handle has 13 easy adjustable positions for a comfortable grip and easy maneuverability. The HEPA filtration system captures over 99.9% of dust mites, pollen, ragweend and other allergens so you can enjoy cleaner air. This is especially good for those who suffer from Asthma and other allergies.

The Optima has a powerful suction of just less than 12 pounds and can out perform vacuum cleaners twice its weight and size. It has a 12 Amp twin motor system that has individual functions, while one concentrates on suction power; the other motor is devoted to rotating the brush. This also can be switched of when cleaning hard or flat floors. The Optima is a bagless design that eliminates the use and expense of vacuum bags.

It measures 13 x 15 x 44-1/2 inches and weights 11-4/5 pounds. Added accessories included, stretch hose, crevice wand, dusting brush and power paw attachments for effortless cleaning of stairs, furniture and vertical surfaces, like curtains. The Optima comes with a one year limited warranty.

This machine really sucks.  Balls of cat fur an inch ahead of the machine are pulled right in. The discharge of air ahead of the machine is an advantage; those onion skins and dust balls up against the baseboards that used to require a broom to loosen get blown out onto the floor and then sucked up into the machine. I have nothing but praise for this product.

This upright bagless vacuum cleaner by Eureka is excellent at picking up dirt and dust on hardwood floors, laminate flooring, carpeting and rugs. The vacuum has strong suction and it runs smoothly across the floor. It switches effortlessly between hardwood floor and carpet; all you have to do is turn a small knob at the base of the vacuum cleaner and away you go! …One huge help is that the circular handle you hold onto to guide the machine can be adjusted downward at such an angle that you will find this to be quite easy to hold onto…The HEPA filter does seem to do a very good job of making sure that the exhaust comes out as clean as possible–great! Overall, this Eureka lightweight upright vacuum cleaner is a great, budget oriented choice for those of us who want a bagless vacuum with good amounts of suction…

Panasonic MC-CG467 Multi-Surface Lightweight Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Light Blue

The lightweight Panasonic canister is a 3 in 1 multi surface canister vacuum cleaner that has the ability to clean all floor types. You can glide from wood/tiled floors, to short pile carpets to long pile carpets with the greatest of ease without the need to change the head. The 360 degree swivel hose allows for easy maneuverability in large rooms and has 2 handles for simple mobility.

The Panasonic lightweight canister vacuum cleaner has a powerful 11 Amp motor for ultimate suction. The inbuilt storage compartments carries dusting brush and crevice tool. Other features include a 3 stage HEPA filtration system to eliminate allergens, a telescopic wand, edge cleaner and 12 inch head. It also provides motor protection, soft wheels to safeguard against damaging wood or delicate floors. The 17 Ft. power cord has an automatic recoil function that springs back the cord into the vacuum for safe storage. The Panasonic measures 18-2/7 x 13-4/5 x 12-4/5 inches and comes with a 1 year warranty. Automatic Cat Feeder

After replacing carpeting with wood flooring, I was on the lookout for a good, light weight canister… My upright Panasonic has been a rugged, dependable machine, so I knew the brand would be a sound buy. This vacuum is just perfect for wood/laminate/tile floors. In addition it does great on area rugs (low pile) and it’s a dream on stairs (carpeted). Light weight, easy to manuever, with very good suction. Powerhead adjusts to wood/carpet and the rotating brush makes sure all dirt disappears. Very pleased with this vacuum.

Gayle Gregory

This little vacuum is light and maneuverable. It makes vacuuming a two-story home including stairs a comparatively easy job, and I’m a senior citizen… I’m very happy with my purchase, with its power and ease of changing from hard surface to carpet mode, and it is a joy to use.

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